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          This is where I'm supposed to tell potential readers something about myself and there's a problem with that.  I have to become someone very different to write.  I've been an 80 year old widow living in Evansville, Indiana, a twenty something girl who grew up in the backwoods of the South, a university history professor, a smooth talking Frenchman, a Chinese immigrant...and even a Catholic nun.  As these characters I have been very human and very inhuman (and inhumane as well).  In real life, I'm none of the above (except human); I'm a writer, whether the story is highly technical or just entertaining.

          Mostly I'm a teacher who grew up with a love of science and the English language.  These traits have defined me and have served me well.  I look forward to graduation and I look forward to the beginning of a new school year with all its challenges.  I don't inject much of myself into any of my stories.  Let's just say I'm a public school teacher in the sciences and let it go at that.  The stories are much more important than the person who wrote them in any case and I don't want who I am to influence how they are read.                    


          One personal thing about me though: I don't write because I love to write--because those who write simply because they love to write will never write anything that anyone will ever pay to read. Writing for the reader is what I do and I have to be good at it if I'm to expect anything in return.

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