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historical fiction romance?


          Yes, that's what it's called, or what I call it anyway.  My books are historically accurate and the romance is believable fiction.  The major events did happen and they happened on this planet.  The cities, communities and other settings are real places and even street names and slang terms are correct.  All of the history has been researched to make the stories as convincing as possible.  A total of seven manuscripts in this genre have been completed over the last decade and the first, Jenny B., became available in published book form in early 2018.    

          My books are not specifically "young adult" audience targeted, although many of the characters in the stories are (or become) young adults.  They are written more for readers who were once young adults.  The books often contain what would be called "adult subject matter and situations", but without  sinking into gratuitous detailed descriptions.  "Implied but not minutely described" is the way I like to think of certain scenes that become an integral part of telling the story.            

          The first two books have been published by Solstice Publishing of  Farmington, Missouri.

Solstice is a traditional royalty paying publisher and in 2015 was named outstanding electronic/print publisher of the year by a Preditors and Editors reader's poll--and for any author or potential author, that says a lot.

I figured out the storyteller's secret in the first book right away--and changed my mind probably a dozen times before the last page.

                                      -an early proofreader of Jenny B.

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